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Billy Boy on Poison – “On My Way” →  January 27, 2010

Check out Billy Boy on Poison’s video for “On My Way,” directed by Kiefer Sutherland.

Meet Billy Boy on Poison →  January 23, 2010

Davis LeDuke rolls up his left sleeve. Like so many American rock gods in waiting, he has a tattoo. But this is no fake sleeve of random color-splurge that marks out the common or garden emo, this is ornate script curling around his forearm from elbow to wrist, reading thus: ‘I saw the best minds [...]

Billy Boy on Poison – “Angry Young Man” →  January 21, 2010

Watch Billy Boy on Poison’s video for “Angry Young Man.”

Billy Boy on Poision Ringtones →  January 20, 2010

Get your favorite Billy Boy on Poison songs as ringtones for your cell phone. Dirty Bomb Preview – Purchase On My Way Preview – Purchase